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Promotional Logo Mats

We offer high-quality and durable promotional logo mats that will help you enhance the visibility of your brand.

  TYPES OF PROMOTIONAL LOGO MATS: 1. Bar Mats, 2. Counter Rubber Mats.

  SPECIFICATIONS: Digital HD PVC print on 100% nitrile rubber backing with plastic overlay.

  PRODUCT INFO: Photo quality digital print onto a PVC sheet, bonded with a hard-wearing plastic overlay and vulcanized onto a nitrile rubber backing; Thickness: 1.25mm; 1.75mm; 3.5mm.

  Application: Indoor Use, Exhibitions, Restaurant Menus, Promotions & events Marketing, Point of sale, Bar Mats.

  Artwork Requirements: High-resolution image in JPEG or PDF.

  A non-abrasive, diluted detergent and light nylon scrubbing brush or mop may be used for cleaning.

  Do not use harsh, ammonia-based or concentrated cleaning agents or solvents, e.g. Handy Andy, Jik, acetone, turpentine, etc.

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