Brush Coir Mat

Brush Coir Mat

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Our Brush Coir Mat is made from natural coir fibres. This mat is a durable and effective solution for keeping dirt and debris out of your home or business. You can place them indoors and outdoors and use them in high-traffic areas, such as doorways, entryways, and lobbies, where they can effectively trap dirt and debris before it enters your home or business.

Our Brush Coir Mat is created by brushing and combing the coir fibres, which creates a rough surface that is perfect for scraping dirt and debris from shoes. This design ensures that your floors stay cleaner for longer periods of time, reducing the need for constant cleaning and maintenance. Additionally, the natural coir fibres are resistant to moisture and mould, making this mat ideal for use in areas that are prone to moisture or dampness.

One of the biggest advantages of our Brush Coir Mat is its durability. It is built to withstand heavy foot traffic and can last for years with proper care and maintenance. We offer this mat in a range of sizes, shapes, and colours to match any décor, and we can even customize it with your own logo or message.

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17mm, 20mm, 23mm, 15mm Black

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