Types of Mats and Matting

At Banded Mats, we manufacture and sell different types of mats.

  • Entrance Mats
  • Logo Mats

  • Door Mats
  • Floor Mats

  • Floor-Show Mats
  • Promotional Mats

Promotional Mats

Branded Mats manufactures various types of Promo Mats for the catering and hospitality industry.

Our types of Promotional Mats:

  • Branded Coasters
  • Branded Bar Mats
  • Branded Mouse Pads
  • Branded Bathroom Mats

Door Mats

At Branded Mats we also manufacture door mats of all types and we assist our clients in selecting the correct door mats.

Our type of door mats includes the following:

  • Coir Door Mats
  • Custom Made Door Mats
  • Personalised door mats
  • Rubber door mats

Floor-Show Mats

Branded Mats is a marketing and promotional events company .We also assist companies in setting up events by manufacturing promotional event flooring in full colour for any event .Our floor mats are produced in high definition colour and change the atmosphere of the event
Types of Floor-Show Mats:
1.Floor-Show Logo Mats made from High Definition Colour
2.Red Carpets for Events

Entrance Mats

These are normally plain or branded mats and can be used for a variety of purposes.Some of the most common uses of entrance mats are the following :

  • Scrap dirt and grime off the feet of customers
  • Decorate door entrances
  • Protect the floor or carpet from constant wear and tear from foot traffic.

Our most common entrance mat products are the following:

  • Branded Coasters
  • Branded Bar Mats
  • Branded Mouse Pads
  • Branded Bathroom Mats

Logo Mats

Logo mats are our flagship corporate branding tool. Our logo mats are very unique in that they are not painted or printed but are made from a technique called in-line carpeting. Another carpet of a different colour is used to emboss out the logos making these carpets durable .
At branded mats we use high grade heavy duty industrial carpeting to manufacture our logo mats making our mats stand out from all other competitors. Our design team will also assist in bringing out your preferred design at no extra charge.

Types of Logo Mats

  • Berber Point Logo Mats
  • Digiscrape Logo Mats
  • Jet Print Logo Mats
  • Wayfarer Logo Mats
  • Water hog Logo Mats
  • Rubber Scraper Logo Mats
  • Premium Carpet Logo Mats

Floor Mats

Branded Mats manufactures different types of floor mats for all types of surfaces. Floor Mats are essential in protecting your flooring and insulating from cold weather , fire and water in some cases.

Our types of floor mats are the following:

  • Kitchen Floor Mats
  • Interlocking floor mats/tiles
  • Carpet protector floor mats (normally used for workstations and office desks)
  • Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats
  • Berber Point 920 Floor Mats

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