Customised Coir Mats

Perfect for welcoming guests with a personalized custom coir mat. Made to measure to fit any area of your workplace. Include your corporate logo and message. Choose from 11 colours to make your message stand out.Coir Mats can be branded with funky and fun messages making them the perfect gift for family and friends


Custom Sizes available


Environmentally Friendly 100% Natural Coir Fibres.Coir mats are durable and perfect as a dirt trapper and grime remover.Our coir mats have Strong PVC Backing to further increase durability and we can customize with company logo or personal message.We supply coir mats of different sizes and our most common sizes are 17mm,19mm and 23mm.We are a SADC accredited exporter of natural fibre coir mats and we manufacture them according to your desired sizes.

Health & Safety

Protect your floors & carpets in busy areas and prevent mud and dirt from accumulating.Coir Mats are eco-friendly mats and give an adorable aesthetic look and feel.

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