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Anti Fatigue Mats


This is anti-fatigue and ergonomic flooring for long-standing workers. This is ideal for Assembly lines for standing workers, Industrial factories work stations, kitchens, Sports and Gym facilities, etc.

  Benefits: Prevent joint stiffness, non-slip safety, easy to install, and durable. Also, it can be branded with corporate logos.

  Moulded and textured PVC surface which is placed over a foam base. It is 15mm thick and available in 90cm x 60cm and 150cm x 90cm and Complete Rolls (10,3m x 0,9m).

  Key Features: PVC surface allows for stability and foam helps fight fatigue, Non-slip, Ramped edge all round to prevent tripping accidents.

  Other Features: Hosed down with water for easy maintenance, Detergent can be used for stubborn dirt and grease.

  Mat Placement: Hard and cold floors, Factory production line floors, Behind counters and standing decks, etc.

  The mat is easily cleaned by hosing down or for stubborn dirt, a diluted detergent, and a light nylon scrubbing brush may be used.

  Do not use harsh, ammonia-based, or concentrated cleaning agents, e.g Handy Andy, Jik.

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