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Anti Bacterial Drainage Mats

We at Branded Mats offer the highest quality anti-bacterial drainage mats that are built to last long. They are available in a wide range of colours.

  Safety Duckboard

Easy to install self-drainage tiles are used in workshop matting applications with anti-fatigue and thermal insular properties. Drainage vents allow for easy-flow of all liquids. Ideal for heavy-duty applications – such as load-bin of LDV’s / trucks, industrial workshops and containers.

  Technical specifications:

1. 450mm x 450mm x 16mm

2. 5 tiles = 1m² = 9 kg

  Standard colour:

1. Black

  BM self-drainage shower tile

Easy to install self drainage interlocking tiles providing a non-slip, soft and flexible underfoot, hygienic surface for shower floors, kitchen surfaces, laundry rooms, and much more.

  Technical specifications:

1. 330mm x 330mm x 10mm

2. 9 tiles = 1m² = 5.5kg

 Standard colour

1. Black

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