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  • Digital HD PVC print on 100% nitrile rubber backing with plastic overlay


  • Photo quality digital print onto a PVC sheet, bonded with a hard wearing plastic overlay and vulcanized onto a nitrile rubber backing
  • Thickness; 1.25mm; 1.75mm; 3.5mm
  • Due to the manufacturing process the surface may have minor defects like “pock” marks / bubbling caused by small fibres which are airborn when the plastic overlay is bonded over the print. If these defects occur they are normally only visible from a close inspection and not from the “normal” viewing distance.
Promotional Logo Mats


  • Indoor Use
  • Exhibitions
  • Restaurant Menus
  • Promotions & events Marketing
  • Point of sale

Unique Features

  • Indoor Use


  • No limit to colour and detail

Artwork Requirements

  • High resolution image in JPEG or PDF


  • The mat is easily cleaned by hosing down or for stubborn dirt
  • A non abrasive, diluted detergent and light nylon scrubbing brush or mop may be used
  • Do not use harsh, ammonia based or concentrated cleaning agents or solvents, e.g. Handy Andy, Jik, acetone, turpentine etc.