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Logo mats are the best and cheapest marketing tool for any organisation .Our floor mats are well suited for any entrance matting and are good for floor protection .These custom mats can be outdoor mats ,indoor mats or even rubber mats made to specification. Our logo mats are custom made to customer specifications . These branded logo mats or branded mats come in a variety of sizes and can be made to custom size . These are highly suited to enhance the brand of the Organization.

Types of Logo Mats

  • Digi Scrap Logo Mat
  • Water hog Logo Mats
  • Berber Point Logo Mat
  • Premium Carpet Logo Mats
  • Jet Print Logo Mats
  • Rubber Scraper Logo Mats
  • Wayfarer Logo Mat

Berber Point Logo Mat

Berber Point 920, 100% stainproof Miracle Fibre (Polypropylene) is the undisputed heavyweight logo mat champion. We offer a wide range of 27 different colours and because our logo mats are so popular we stock them at our warehouse, which means we can supply them to you in a matter of days. We are also happy to make any size or thickness to your requirements. The log mat backing is made of non-slip insertion rubber, which means that the mat will not move on carpets or tiled floors. By stopping 90% of this dirt and moister, standard Polypropylene Entrance Mats prevents the damage that dirt and water cause, by being walked through your building. They are also fully washable if required


Size: Custom

Height: 10mm

Backing: Insertion Rubber

Edging: 10mm PVC or Recycled Rubber

Material: Berber Point 920 or Grimebuster

Application: Interior or exterior covered facility entrances in a recessed mat well or loose-lay with PVC Edging.

Cleaning: Vacuum regularly. Regular use of a carpet cleaner will produce good results.However petrol based cleaning materials are not recommended as they will erode the fibre.

Traffic Grade: High

Digi Scrap Logo Mat

Digi Scrap Logo Mat


This logo mat is made of Digital HD PVC print on 100% nitrile rubber moulded base with plastic overlay

Product Info

A Photo quality digital print is done onto a PVC sheet, bonded with a hard wearing plastic overlay and vulcanized onto a moulded nitrile rubber base

Unique Features

Bold, colourful logo mat that is great for promotional areas and practical enough to be used as an entrance mat

Background texture can be customised to suit requirements


No limit to colour and detail


  • Indoor
  • Exhibitions
  • Promotions
  • Point of sale
  • Store fronts
  • Vehicles

Artwork Requirements

  • High resolution image in JPEG or PDF
  • Cleaning

    • The logo mat is easily cleaned by hosing down or for stubborn dirt
    • A non abrasive, diluted detergent and light nylon scrubbing brush or mop may be used
    • Do not use harsh, ammonia based or concentrated cleaning agents or solvents, e.g. Handy Andy, Jik, acetone, turpentine etc.

    Jet Print Logo Mats

    Jet Print Logo Mats


    Jet printed cut pile nylon surface baked onto 100% nitrile rubber backing and Edged

    Cut pile nylon, vulcanized onto a nitrile rubber base

    Standard material widths: 0.9m; 1.2m; 1.5m

    Maximum size: 4.2m x 1.5m

    Logos are printed onto mats using a computerised process

    Unique Features

    The results are visually exciting & dramatic, with a world of possibilities for design & colour


    • Non slip rubber backing
    • Longevity: 2 year guarantee against manufacturing defects
    • Fully washable


    • Indoor
    • Foot traffic areas
    • Retail store entrances
    • Offices – Schools
    • Artwork Requirements

    • High resolution image in JPG or PDF


    Is easy to clean. Turn the logo mat upside down and shake or beat gently in an area where the dirt is easily swept up. Once the bulk of the dirt is shaken out, vacuum thoroughly. If the mats start to look dowdy, they can be taken to a suitable cleaning service and washed using a light cleaning agent such as “SKIP”, in diluted form, according to the instructions for cleaning clothing. Use a light nylon brush for more stubborn dirt marks. Do not use harsh, ammonia based or concentrated cleaning agents e.g. Handy Andy, Jik After cleaning, rinse with clean water and hang the mat out to dry. Do not hang the mats on a line that will sag in the middle and ultimately cause distortion. Rather hang over a solid pole.

    Wayfarer Logo Mat


    Logos cut out of Vinyl Loop and welded into vinyl loop base 14mm thick

    Product Info

    Hand crafted logo mats

    Logo’s are cut in, using vinyl loop matting & bonded with our exclusive mesh backing

    Standard material widths: 0.9m; 1.2m

    Many standard sizes are available & mats are also custom made to size

    13mm thick

    Unique Features

    • Ideal for placement at office entrances and retail stores
    • Serves as a practical dirt trap mat
    • Ideal both loose lay, with a tapered edging trim or recess fit
    • The Wayfarer material is UV stabilised and waterproof
    Wayfarer Logo Mat


    • Traps dirt which can be shaken out · Can be hosed off with water to clean
    • Application

    • Indoor or outdoor
    • Offices
    • Small to medium retail stores
    • Artwork Requirements

    • High resolution image in Jpeg or PDF · These mats are more suited to basic bold designs and text


    The mat is easily cleaned by hosing down or for stubborn dirt, a diluted detergent and light nylon scrubbing brush may be used. The Wayfarer can be turned upside down and dirt will fall out.

    Premium Carpet Logo Mats

    Premium Carpet Logo Mats are the finest logo floor mats in the industry. These logo mats feature a plush, dense and vibrant carpet surface.

    • Logo design is woven into the mat for ultimate density and plushness
    • Displays outstanding logo quality
    • 100% nitrile rubber backing and borders
    • Ideal for high-traffic, indoor / outdoor areas

    Rubber Scraper Logo Mats

    Rubber Scraper Logo Mats are all-rubber custom logo mats. Your logo is produced from different colors of rubber, when bonded together, display an attractive logo door mat. These floor mats feature containment borders, which protect your floors by trapping dirt, oil and water.

    • Made with commercial-grade, 100% Nitrile rubber.
    • Slip-resistant, even when wet.
    • Ideal logo floor mats for use both indoors and outside.
    • Bi-level surface design scrapes dirt and debris and traps water within this custom mat’s containment borders.
    • Easy to clean: simply shake out or hose off and dry easily

    Rubber Scraper Logo Mats

    Water hog Logo Mats

    Waterhog Logo Mats feature a unique, waffle-surface design, which effectively removes dirt and water while producing a sharp logo.

    • Inlay process creates razor sharp logo clarity on textured surface
    • Polypropylene surface fabric dries quickly and will not fade or rot
    • 100% nitrile rubber backing and borders
    • Ideal for high-traffic, indoor / outdoor areas
    Water hog Logo Mats