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Branded Mats – Door Mats

At Branded Mats we also manufacture door mats of all types and we assist our clients in selecting the correct door mats.

Types of Logo Mats

  • Coir Door Mats
  • Personalised door mats
  • Rubber door mats
  • Custom Made Door Mats

Coir Door Mats:

Coir is material that is essentially made from coconut fibre. Coir is made from the husks which are superbly strong fibres that provide amazing durability.
After going through a rigorous soaking process that might even last months, these husks are then washed and cured and the fibres spun into yarn.

Qualities of Coir Fibre:

  • 100% organic
  • Biodegradable, hence quite environment friendly
  • Hygienic
  • Colour: golden brown/reddish brown
  • Durable and hard wearing

Suitable for use in many areas: entrances, kitchen, bathrooms

Coir Door Mats

Rubber Door Mats

Rubber Scraper door Mats are all-rubber custom mats .These floor mats feature containment borders, which protect your floors by trapping dirt, oil and water.

  • Made with commercial-grade, 100% Nitrile rubber.
  • Slip-resistant, even when wet.
  • Ideal matsfor use both indoors and outside.
  • Bi-level surface design scrapes dirt and debris and traps water within this custom mat’s containment borders.
  • Easy to clean: simply shake out or hose off and dry easily

Custom Made Door Mats

Custom Made Door Mats

In many cases the door entrances are not always the same and do not always come in standard sizes.
At Branded Mats we manufacture mats , hence we can make mats according to any size .However , the colours of the mat might be limited depending on the type of mat chosen.

We can customize the following for mats:

  • Size
  • Colour (limited)
  • Shape
  • Branding ( We imprint your logo using a method called in-line matting

For custom made door mats please send us the sizes and colors you require together with a high resolution logo either in pdf or jpeg format.

Personalized Door Mats

We offer a premium service to proud home owners, where we manufacture mats according to specification including lettering of desired welcome messages.
A home is not a home. without a tactifully and wittily written welcome message.
Why not surprise , awe and amaze your guests by ordering our personalised mats for your home

Personalized Door Mats

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