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Anti-fatigue Mat


The mall rubber entrance mats can be easily cut to size on site using a utility knife or jigsaw and adjusted to fit the area in which they are being installed.
Thanks to the practical connection method it is easy to join the individual modules and press them into place.
Used in high volume traffic areas handling wheelchairs or heavy foot and luggage trolleys, such as hospitals, shopping centres, airports, hotels, large factories and office blocks. Impact stresses from heavy trolleys are absorbed by the mat resting on its resilient rubber inserts

Recommended Usage

  • Mall Entrances
  • Indoor and Outdoor covered areas

Technical Details :

  • Height(thickness) – 13mm
  • Footfall – Daily footfall of 2000 people or more
  • Rollover and Drive over capability – wheelchairs , prams ,Shopping trolleys , hand trolleys ,cars , pallet trucks
  • Colours : Anthracite , Blue , Brown , Grey, Red
  • Weight :9,75kg per sqm
  • Guarantee : 5 years